3 Thanksgiving Activities That Will Keep You Fit

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Staying in shape during the holiday season can be excruciating, but there are ways to do it without counting calories. Check out three fun activities you could enjoy with your family before Thanksgiving dinner.

Turkey Trot

What a better way to burn off calories and work up an appetite before the big meal than going on a fun run with a whole family? You get extra points for dressing up in a silly outfit!

Outdoor Fun

Thanksgiving is a holiday you should spend around family, but that doesn’t mean you must stay in the whole time. You can share stories and have a great time outdoors, as well. Go on a family hike or visit a local park before the evening feast.


Family Competition

A little bit of friendly competition is a part of many family gatherings, and Thanksgiving shouldn’t be an exception. Split into teams for a fun round of your favorite game to let off steam before getting the taste of that delicious turkey.