3 Things Nobody Told You About Running a Marathon

We know that running a marathon is not an easy thing to do. You need to train for several months to prepare for your marathon, and once you cross the finish line you’ll be happy, but probably in pain. There are other important things that people don’t usually talk about when it comes to running a marathon and here are some of them.

It’s Emotional

Get ready to experience the emotional roller coaster. Everyone tells you how crossing the finish line feels absolutely amazing, but nobody mentions that the race itself is extremely emotional. In those couple of hours of running, you’ll be happy, excited, tired, frustrated, and filled with joy, all at once. And that’s totally fine.

Strangers Will Get You Through It

All those people that cheer you on and hold supportive signs along the route will mean a lot to you during the race. The support of complete strangers is what’s going to get you through during those hard moments.

Time Doesn’t Matter

You shouldn’t be worried about your time because once you get to the finish line that won’t matter. The important thing is that you’ve run the marathon and enjoyed the race.