3 Things to Do Within 30-Minutes of Working Out

Just because your workout is finished, it doesn’t mean you’re done with your exercise routine. There’s a post-workout routine you should be following after each exercise session within the first 30 minutes which is equally as important as the workout. Here are the three things you should be doing after a workout.

0-10 Minutes

During the first 10 minutes following a workout, you should stretch and foam roll while your muscles are still firing. It takes around 30-40 minutes for your muscles to cool down and when they do, they contrast and if you loosen them to quickly, it can lead to injuries. Stretch for the first five minutes, and for the second five minutes, foam roll.

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10-20 Minutes

Shower immediately after you’re done stretching and get out of your dirty gym clothes. The sweat from your workout causes bacteria and yeast to build up, so to avoid irritation and infection, shower soon after you’re finished exercising. If you can’t shower within the first 20 minutes following your workout, at least change your sweaty clothes, but don’t wait more than an hour.

20-30 Minutes

Make sure you pack a snack in your gym bag to eat within 30 minutes of working out. Food optimizes recovery and reduces muscle soreness. Your snack should have lots of protein and carbs to refuel you.