3 Things to Keep in Mind Before Taking Part in a Workout Challenge

Ab workout
Photo by Sushil Ghimire on Unsplash

For many people these days, workout challenges have become the primary way of working out, and they have their ups and downs. Most people start them casually, expecting magical results overnight, but there’s more to workout challenges than meets the eye, and here are three things you should consider before starting one.

Lower Your Expectations

Just because a challenge promises you’ll get killer abs in 30 (or even worse, 10 days) that doesn’t mean that will magically happen. We all have different body types, eating habits, and genetic predispositions, and they’ll all impact your fitness progress in a pretty significant way.

Perfect Fit

Just because a certain workout challenge is popular, it doesn’t mean it’s a perfect fit for you. Before deciding to take part, figure out what your goals are and if this challenge has anything to do with it. Also make sure it fits your fitness level, and try to find modifications for exercises that might not suit you.

Just First Step

Even if you’re impressed by your progress by the time your workout challenge is over, you shouldn’t stop there. Workout challenges should be just the first step towards starting an active lifestyle and they’ll have the same result as crash diets if you turn your back on working out once your challenge is over.