3 Things You Should Wear When Playing Tennis in the Heat

Tennis clothes
Photo by Chino Rocha on Unsplash

Tennis is one of the most popular summer sports you can play, but playing it when temperatures are record high can be a grueling task. Hydrating properly and picking the right time of the day for your tennis sessions can help you handle the heat, but clothes can also play a crucial role in keeping you cool.

White Clothing

White clothes became a symbol of this sport over the years, but players don’t only wear them because they look nice. White and light-colored clothing absorbs less heat and you should incorporate it into your tennis training because it will help you stay cool.

Breathable Materials

In addition to coming in lighter colors, your workout clothes should also be breathable and lightweight. Materials like this will pull the sweat away from your skin and prevent you from overheating quickly.

Proper Shade

Hats are another key part of tennis gear that players wear out of necessity, and not to simply look cool. They make it possible to shade yourself and keep the sun from blasting at you. You can also use them to keep the sweat from your eyes, and wearing a sweatband is also a good idea for that same reason.