3 Tips to Improve Your Flutter Kicks

Woman doing flutter kicks exercise
Image by serguastock/Depositphotos

If you’re looking for an exercise that will do wonders for your lower abs and core, flutter kicks will get you there. Especially popular with swimmers and runners, this move can, unfortunately, do you more harm than good if you’re not doing it right, and these useful tips will help you perform it correctly.

Head and Hands Position

Flutter kicks are one of the exercises that you’ll perform lying on your back on the floor with your hand slightly lifted above the ground. That’s why it’s extremely important to position your head the way it suits you and adjust your hands for comfort to avoid potential back strain.

Controlled Movements

Quick movements will only reduce the safety of your flutter kicks, and they’re best avoided. Be mindful of the way you move while performing this exercise, and try to keep your legs lower to the ground if you don’t want it to put too much strain on your back.

Tightening Abs

If you’re thinking of adding flutter kicks to your workout routine because you want a great six-pack, this exercise will do you no good if you don’t tighten your abs. By doing so, you’ll make it more difficult to perform this exercise, but you’ll reap no benefits from flutter kicks if you don’t do them this way.