3 Training Tips for Getting Back Into Shape Spring

3 tips for getting back into shape this spring.
Photo by Chander R on Unsplash

We’re typically less active during winter, so spring is the time to increase the intensity of workouts again. The nice weather can motivate you to go out and do your best, but be careful not to injure yourself trying to continue in the same way you did at the end of last season. Here are some tips for getting back into shape this spring.

Go Slow

Start by working out every other day and get some rest in between workouts. Don’t fall into the common trap of going hard during the weekend and doing nothing for five days, as that’s the best way to get an injury.

Stop If You’re In Pain

Muscle soreness after a period of inactivity is normal, but if you feel stronger pain or if your soreness doesn’t go away, stop and see what the problem is. Listen to your body and consult a specialist if needed.

Work Out With Other People

If you have a chance, work out with someone else who’s at your fitness levels. You can motivate each other and make sure you’re on the right track. If you work out with someone who’s more fit, you may feel more motivated, but there’s also a risk of injuries if you overdo it.