3 Warm-Up Exercises With Exercise Bands

Exercise bands are a great way to get yourself warmed up. They’re quick and easy to use, and they can be found at almost any gym. Here are three exercise band warm-ups for you to try.

Shoulder Circles

Simple stand up straight and take your exercise band in both hands. Then, stretching your arms out straight at the sides, roll your shoulders back as you bring the exercise band up and over your head. Keep repeating this, making sure to keep the band taut.

Face Pulls

Wrap the exercise bands around something at about head height, something like a metal pole at the park or a streetlamp. Take a few steps back so that the band is taut and then gently pull the band back towards your face and then let it gently relax back to the starting position. Repeat this in sets of twenty.

Lateral Raise

This exercise is designed to work out the tops of your arms, shoulders, and back. Simply stand on the exercise band and take both sides in your hands. Keeping your arms out straight, lift both sides of the band up until you feel the band pull. Repeat this exercise until you can feel your muscles getting warm and your heartbeat quicken.