4 Adventurous Outdoor Hobbies To Take Up

Man surfing
Photo by Ting Tse Wang on Unsplash

With the weather starting to cool down a bit over the next few weeks, making it bearable to be outside, it’s time to spend more time outdoors. These outdoor hobbies are fun and adventurous and they’re the perfect way to get connected with nature while breathing in some fresh air. They’re also great workouts!

Mountain Biking

Explore the great outdoors with mountain biking. Mountain biking is a great cardio workout that will work your entire body, strengthening your lower body as well as your upper body and core.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is such thrill and it’s great exercise. It really is a full-body workout and it’s as mental and it is physical. Over time, you’ll notice how much stronger you’ll get, especially in your upper body and core.


While the summer is coming to an end, there’s still time to try surfing. Surfing has a lot of cardio, between carrying your board up the beach, running out into the surf, and shifting your weight on the board. It’s also an excellent core workout.


Sailing is super relaxing and it’s become really popular during the pandemic. Between pulling the lines, hiking the boar, and maneuvering the rudder, you’ll use lots of core and muscle strength.