4 Common Burpee Mistakes to Avoid

Burpee mistakes to avoid
Image via Wavebreakmedia/Depositphotos

Burpees are one of the most intense but also very effective cardio exercises that most people hate because they’re very challenging. Check out a few common burpee mistakes you should try to avoid.

Skipping Warm Up

Burpee is an intense full-body exercise that activates multiple muscle groups at the same time. That’s exactly why it’s important to warm-up properly before doing them in order to avoid injuries.

Rushing Through Them

Burpees are already pretty intense so there’s no need to rush through them. Take your time to focus on the correct form while doing this exercise because this way you’ll reduce the risk of potential injuries.

Sinking Your Hips

Burpee includes many different movements and that’s why it’s important to focus on your form. Make sure to engage your stomach and butt muscles while doing the plank part of this exercise. Tightening your muscles will keep your hips from sinking, which is very important because this mistake can cause back pain.

Landing Too Hard

Poor arm landing is also one of the common burpee mistakes that can cause severe pain in your wrists, elbows or shoulders.