4 Popular British Summer Sports

While Britain might have a reputation for grey skies and drizzling rain, the country is also home to a bunch of great summer sports. If you fancy having some fun with your exercise this summer, why not try out some of these British summer sports.


The game of cricket is perhaps the most quintessentially English summer sport. When spring is over and the football posts come down, out come the wickets and cricket bat.



Next on our list is the calm and relaxing game of croquet. Played on the garden lawn with a ball and mallet, a spot of croquet is a great way to enjoy the sunshine and glorious blue skies of summer.


If you want something a little more energetic to get your heart pumping, tennis is a great choice. Played in Britain since the 16th century, the London tennis tournament Wimbledon is now one of the highlights of the British summer sports calendar.


Another quintessentially English summer sport—green lawns, white uniforms, slow tempo—is the traditional game of bowls. A game of hand-eye coordination, patience, and refined spatial awareness, bowls could be a good way to exercise your body’s handling and control.