4 Techniques for Mastering the Sympathetic Nervous System

The sympathetic nervous system regulates the body’s unconscious, automatic functions such as heart rate and breathing, as well as monitoring the fight or flight response. If the sympathetic nervous system is not functioning properly, it can result in anxiety and digestive disorders as excessive adrenaline is released. Fortunately, recent research has suggested that we might be able to control the functioning of the sympathetic nervous system through consciously carrying out certain techniques.

Regulate Breathing

Regulate your breath through breathing deeply and consistently. A good way to do this is to breathe in to the count of four and breath out to the count of four. This will reduce the release of stress hormones and help you control your physiognomy.

Cold Water Therapy

Taking cold showers or swimming in cold waters can enhance the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. This helps regulate your body’s balance and keeps it running smoothly.

Positive Thinking

Negative and stressful thoughts can build up during the day. This can cause your muscles to tighten and your body to release stress hormones. Consciously trying to think positively can reverse these physiological processes and help your body to relax.


The more mindful you can become of your thoughts, feelings, and habits, the better you’ll be able to monitor and regulate the workings of your sympathetic nervous system. Recognize your emotional habits and moderate accordingly.