5 Amazing Benefits of Jumping Jacks That Never Crossed Your Mind

Jumping jacks
Image by DragonImages/Depositphotos

Jumping jacks are one of those popular exercises that we all used to do as kids, but most people forget all about them as adults. If you happen to be one of them, it’s time to get back to doing them and experience the many amazing benefits that they have in store.

Full-Body Exercise

Jumping jacks are one of the very best full-body exercises on the market and you’ll get to tone your legs, arms, shoulders, chest, back, and abs while doing them.

Leg Strength

Even though they trigger several different muscle groups at once, jumping jacks are especially great for your legs. They’ll do a great job strengthening your glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, and hips.

Calorie Burn

Jumping jacks are one of the best cardio exercises on the market and they’ll help you burn some major calories along the way.

Improved Mobility

This popular exercise can also do wonders for your mobility because it’ll put your joints through their full range of motion.

Easy to Modify

Jumping jacks get a lot of bad rap due to their high-impact nature, but they can be easily modified. You can use a softer surface or reduce a range of movements to make sure they’re easier on the joints.