5 Essentials Everyone Should Have In Their Gym Locker

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Carrying the same things in your gym bag day after day can be a drag, especially when you have a place where they can be stored. That’s why you should put your gym locker to some good use! It’s always a great idea to fill it up with a few essentials that can always come in handy, so you wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting them at home.


If you take a shower at the gym after every workout, going barefoot isn’t the best idea. Keep a pair of flip-flops in your locker if you want to stay bacteria-free. They’re super cheap, so you don’t lose anything by leaving them at the gym.


Baby Wipes

Use baby wipes to refresh yourself after a brutal workout session. They can come in handy even if your gym doesn’t have a shower. Using them is the best way to clean up particularly sweaty areas before heading back home.

Hair Care

Putting your hair up during a gym session is a must. That’s why you should have a couple of extra hair-ties and bobby pins in your locker. Hairbrush and dry shampoo should also be on the shelf.

Deodorant/Body Spray

This one goes without saying since everyone needs a scent boost before their workouts and after showering at the gym.

Body Wash and Lotion

It’s important to keep your body clean and moisturized after a workout, especially if you notice your skin is getting dry. Keep body lotion, hand and face cream inside your gym locker to avoid this problem.