5 Incredible Benefits of Playing Ping Pong

Ping pong is one of the most fun indoor sports on the market and if you’re out of the ideas on how to spend an afternoon with your friends and family, here’s why you should give it a shot.

Sharper Mind

Ping pong is one of the best sports to pick when you’re trying to keep your mind sharp. It will do wonders for your reflexes and hand-eye coordination, and your mind will be engaged the whole time because you’ll be tracking shots and planning your own.

Better Balance

Ping pong is much more physical than it seems—it uses both the upper and lower body, and it will help you improve your sense of balance.

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Easy on the Joints

If you struggle playing other sports because you’re dealing with knee or back pain, ping pong is a perfect fit because it’s not hard on your joints, but it still can help you improve your core strength.

Calorie Burn

You can burn between 250 and 300 by actively playing this sport for an hour, and you won’t even feel the time go by because it’s so fun and addictive.

Social Activity

If you struggle to stay focused when working out on your own, you won’t have to deal with this problem while playing ping pong since you’ll have some great interactions along the way.

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Quick draw McGraw 🏓#nobeltrequired

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