5-Minute Ab Videos For a Quick Burn

Photo by Katherine Hood on Unsplash

A good workout has the power to completely transform how we feel on almost any given day. That said, between work, family, and all of the other responsibilities of adult life, we don’t always have much time. As much as we prefer to do a full session at the gym whenever possible, on our busier days, sometimes a few minutes is all we can spare. Fortunately, research has shown that even a 5-minute workout is better than nothing, especially if done consistently. For our shorter workouts, we like to keep the focus on one body part at a time with videos designed to target a specific area. Here are a few of our favorite ab routines.

5-Minute Pilates Ab Workout

Pilates instructor Move with Nicole has a knack for making her workouts look easy, but don’t be fooled. This video is a real ab-kicker. Five moves in five minutes is all you need to fire up your muscles and start building abdominal strength and tone. 

5-Minute Total Core Workout for Flat Abs

You don’t need equipment to achieve a solid ab workout, and should you need proof of that, look no further than this video by MadFit. It includes 5 exercises performed for 1 minute each and will leave you seriously feeling the burn.

5-Minute Standing Flat Belly Workout

Skip the planks and crunches and strengthen your core with this short and sweet standing ab workout. It includes 6 moves and offers modifications so you can work your abdominal muscles from all angles.