5 Reasons to Try Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a strong and robust form of exercise. It develops the whole body and mind, with a lot of space for continual growth and development. Here are five benefits of taking up rock climbing.

Enhances Whole-Body Strength

Rock climbing engages all the muscles in the body. You need to use your legs, arms and core to pull and hold yourself up, and you need strong feet and hand muscles to get a steady grip.

Improves Core Strength

Rock climbing is a very efficient way to improve your core body strength. You have to hold yourself in many positions and sometimes for an extended period of time while you seek the right foothold.

Improves Balance

Climbing up walls or rock faces requires good balance. You need to be able to hold yourself onto the surface while you find the right way up.

Develops Flexibility

If you regularly participate in rock climbing you will quickly develop much better flexibility. The stretching and holding of certain positions will enhance the plasticity of your whole body.

Room for Growth

One of the most exciting things about rock climbing is that there’s a lot of room for growth and development. The sky’s the limit. Once you are confident on practice walls you can try out real rock faces. If you master small rock faces you can progress to larger and more ambitious ones in exotic locations.