5 Rowing Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid doing these rowing mistakes and you’ll see how many benefits you’ll gain from working out on this machine.

Don’t Aim For Speed

Most people think that the faster they workout on the rowing machine, the more effective it will be. This is one of the most common rowing mistakes you have to avoid. Make sure that you’re aiming for power and great posture while doing it.

Using Only Arms

Rowing is actually an exercise that targets several different parts of the body. Avoid using only the arms because it’s a mistake that can lead to an injury.

Hunched Back

Chances are you’ve seen so many people in the gym on this machine with a hunched back. Avoid one of the worst rowing mistakes by looking at yourself in the mirror and checking your posture while doing the exercise.

You Don’t Breathe

Holding your breath while rowing is never a good idea. Just like any other exercise, breathing in and out can only do you good. Exhale when you push back, and inhale during recovery. It will give you more strength to do the reps.

Pulling Too Hard

Instead of pulling too hard on the machine, you should also learn to push yourself with your feet. Balancing the use of different parts of the body is important and the way to use this machine.