8 Signals Your Body Sends You When It Needs More Carbs

Many fitness and health fanatics try to avoid carbs because they are considered to be harmful to weight loss. Some carbs, specifically simple carbs, contain empty calories and they don’t provide us with enough nutrients. On the other hand, complex carbs, which can be found in vegetables and whole grains, are important to eat to maintain a balanced diet.

Here are 8 signs that your body is lacking carbs.

  1. You Crave Junk Food – This happens because your body realizes that you don’t provide it with enough fuel, so it wants a quick fix.
  2. Your Brain Isn’t Working Properly – Carbs are essential for brain functions and it can be hard to focus on work and other tasks without them.
  3. Bad Breath – Bad breath is a typical sign of ketosis, which happens when you don’t eat enough carbs and focus on proteins.
  4. Your headaches become more frequent.
  5. You’re often bloated and constipated – carbs are one of the main sources of fiber.
  6. Your body temperature drops and you’re cold.
  7. Mood swings are often connected with low carb intake.
  8. You suffer through your workout because your body literally lacks the fuel to complete it.

Watch out for these symptoms and increase your intake of complex carbs if you notice them.