A Stationary Bike That’s Also a Desk May Be the Work-from-Home Solution You Need

We’ll always remember this year as the time when working from home became a standard and when gyms closed and we even had to move working out to our living rooms and bedrooms. If you happened to like the shift and are looking forward to continuing to spend more time at your favorite place, you may benefit from a stationary bike that doubles as a desk.

If you’re making it a priority to work out regularly even during a pandemic, that’s truly amazing. However, you may notice your body aching more because you don’t get to go out and walk as much as before. An hour of activity per day is unfortunately not enough to erase the bad effects of a sedentary lifestyle. In the pre-pandemic world, many of us were used to walking from one place to another and staying active throughout the day without even noticing. If you want to keep a similar level of activity now, one way is to get an under-desk bike or a bike with a built-in desk.

Such innovative machines allow you to work out your legs while you’re working at your desk and it’s the best thing for anyone working from home!