All Runners Have to Check Out the New Puma Celibrate Shoes

Fall’s activewear collections are popping up everywhere right now and Puma has its runner in the race. This brand debuted their new Calibrate Runner shoes, featuring futuristic Xetic technology that will make you want to try them on even more. 

Xetic is the new cushioning platform that was made to provide improved comfort for all wearing occasions. The innovation has a 3-D printing look, but no worries, it’s not actually plastic, it was made with foam. Its materials have specific behavior when they’re subjected to mechanical stresses such as compression.

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The Calibrate featuring Xetic technology

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Romain Girard, Puma’s senior head of innovation, said in a statement, “Puma’s innovation department teamed up with MIT Design Lab because we needed their high-expert engineering capabilities.” 

“MIT has computer simulation possibilities, which enabled us to see the behavior of the material and quickly find the optimal structure for calculated cushioning.”

Puma and MIT Design Lab sampled many different designs and settled on a construction shaped like horizontal number 8. This is characteristic of the futuristic visible technology they named Xetic, which was created with extra efficiency and comfort in mind.