Amazing Health and Fitness Benefits of Strength Training

Photo by Gursimrat Ganda on Unsplash

Strength training is usually associated with bodybuilders and lifting heavy weights, but it’s so much more than that. People are starting to realize that strength training exercises have many amazing benefits and here are some of them.

Build Muscle Mass

The first and most obvious benefit of strength training is building muscle mass. You simply won’t be able to build muscles with HIIT or cardio workouts, at least not as effectively as with lifting weights.

Improved Heart Health

Cardio workouts are not the only way to improve heart health. Studies show that strength training is just as effective for promoting heart health, preventing heart disease, and improving our overall health.

Protects Bone Health

People lose bone density as a result of the aging process, but strength training can help you increase muscle mass and protect your bones. Only two strength trainings a week is enough to improve bone health.

Improved Body Mechanics

Improper balance, coordination, and posture, usually referred to as body mechanics, can lead to serious back problems and injuries. The only way to improve your body mechanics and avoid these health issues is to build strong muscles with regular strength-training exercises.