Amazing Hiking Destinations to Explore This Summer

Hiking in the summer can be pretty demanding, since you have to fight immensely hot temperatures at all times. If you’re looking for a way to escape the summer heat, and enjoy your hikes to the fullest, consider visiting one of these amazing destinations.


There’s no better time than summer to visit Alaska and see it in its full glory. The list of hiking destinations is pretty much limitless, and trails are easy to follow since hiking happens to be one of the favorite pastimes at the Last Frontier.


No matter which of the Scandinavian countries you pick for your hiking adventure, you’ll do no wrong. Breathtaking fjords, gigantic glaciers, or snow-capped crests are waiting to be explored, and the striking scenery will be the best part of every hike you embark on.


Switzerland is an extremely popular destination for fans of winter sports, but people tend to forget it transformers into a hiker’s paradise once summer arrives. There’s nothing like spending your summer on the shores of glittering Alpine lakes and enjoying stunning mountain scenery.