Are You Ready to Try the “Cupid Shuffle” Plank Challenge?

During quarantine, people have been getting creative with their workout routines and we’ve seen the headstand t-shirt challenge and plank challenges all over social media. The latest fitness challenge is a take on the plank challenge, but to the “Cupid Shuffle” and it’s called the “Cupid Shuffle” plank challenge.

The challenge is actually super easy to follow as it mimics the dance moves in the popular “Cupid Shuffle,” but instead of standing, all the moves are performed in a plank position on a mat. The moves include hip dips, plank walls, mountain climbers, and plank leg lifts, and each video of the challenge is done a little differently.

The “Cupid Shuffle” challenge first became popular on YouTube back in 2016 and again in 2018 with fitness influencers like Cassey Ho doing it on Instagram. It’s recently taken over TikTok. You can do it at home and all you need is a yoga mat, but it does require a bit of hand-eye coordination. Are you up for the challenge?