Avoid These Common Post-Workout Mishaps

Photo by Josh Duke on Unsplash

So many people focus on the best ways to prepare for a workout, and the workout itself, and spend so little time wondering what to do after the workout. It’s easy to assume that it doesn’t really matter, after you’ve already “done the hard work” and now feel like you’ve earned the right to relax and not think about it. However, this is a rookie mistake. Here are a few common post-workout blunders you should avoid.


It’s common to want to lie down and relax after working out, but you need to take a moment to stretch before you do anything. If you don’t stretch for five to ten minutes after working out, your muscles will tighten and get sore.


Just because you burned a handful of calories during your intense workout doesn’t mean you won’t get them all back if you don’t watch what you eat after the fact. Indeed, losing weight and staying healthy is a full-time job, and the best thing you can do to supplement your workout is to eat healthy afterward.

Staying Mobile

Listen, we’re not saying that you need to go out for yet another jog after you’ve already finished one. On the contrary, resting is important. But that doesn’t mean you should lie flat on your couch for the next three days because you feel like you’ve exercised. Finding that post-workout balance between rest and activity is crucial.