Awesome Fitness Goals You Should Add to Your List

Jumping rope
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Setting realistic and achievable fitness goals is by far the best motivation to work hard and exercise on a regular basis. Achieving these goals will make you feel great and help you improve your health. Check out a few realistic goals that every fit person should try to achieve.

Do 25 Pushups

This is a realistic goal that most people could achieve in less than a month. Feel great about yourself by doing pushups every day and pushing your limits until you’ll able to do 25 pushups.

Run a 10k

Running a 10k is one of the best fitness goals for beginners and a great way to start your journey towards running a half or full marathon. Running this distance will help you build confidence and improve your health in just a few months.

Skip Rope For 15 Minutes

Jump rope workouts have become extremely popular because they’re convenient and great for burning calories. Skipping rope for 15 minutes every day for a month is an awesome and realistic fitness goal that’ll help you stay active without going to the gym.

Master 3 New Yoga Poses

Even if you’re experienced in yoga, there are always new, more advanced yoga poses to learn and improve your practice.