Back and Hip Exercises That Will Help Out All Runners

In addition to fit and strong legs, your back health is essential for the quality of your running. Adding a few quick fixes will help you do your best. Each of your muscle groups impacts your performance, so pay attention to these tips if you want to see improvements.

Lower Back

The main purpose of this muscle group is to keep your body erect and to help you rotate slightly with each step as you run. You can fix your posture with back extensions. Perform this exercise by lying down, pressing your pelvis into the floor, and lifting your head, chest, shoulders, and arms.

Shoulders/Upper Back

If you want your upper body to stay relaxed, focus on keeping your shoulders strong. Doing basic and side planks on a regular basis will help you keep this muscle group strong and healthy.


The excess side-to-side motion could put a strain on your back, but proper hip movement can drive you forward and stabilize your landing. Leg lifts can help you strengthen this muscle group. You can also do kneeling hip flexor stretches by lunging, keeping your upper body straight, with front knee behind toes, pushing hips forward, and holding for 30 seconds.