Balancing Hormone Fluctuations With Nutrients

Often times when we think about health, we associate it with a proper diet and exercise. This is, in fact, true, but what’s also important is to consume the right supplements to balance our hormones. Unbalanced hormones can result in bloating, feeling fatigued, and even feeling unmotivated. It can hinder us from executing our day-to-day activities. With the proper hormone supporting nutrients, our body can move easier without having to worry about stress levels.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is abundant in omega 3s, 6, and 9. They’re anti-inflammatory rockets that can alleviate any kinds of pain when going through hormone imbalances. Foods like salmon and chia seeds are also packed with protein to decrease inflammation throughout the body.


Probiotics come in many forms, you can drink them in a Yakult bottle or even eat them in Kimchi. It isn’t solely found in pill form and kombucha also contains a healthy amount of probiotics. Probiotics are essential since they’re basically food for your gut. A healthy gut equals healthy hormones. So make sure to incorporate some in your meals today!

Methylated B Complex

B Vitamins are extremely important especially for women who experience menstrual cramping. It’s also great for vegans who lack B vitamins when eating a fully plant-based diet. Bindiya Gandhi M.D an integrative medicine doctor mentions how taking methylated B vitamins will help to replenish the body and detoxify the female’s cycle. It’s essential when feeling hormone fluctuations and will help balance you out in no time.