Benefits Of Having A Workout Buddy

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Going to the gym can be a drag, especially if you’re someone who is social and have a fear of missing out on fun things while you’re getting your workout in. But going to the gym doesn’t have to be lonely…find yourself a gym partner!

1. Motivation

You have someone that will hold you accountable. They’ll get you off the couch and into your activewear like your promised yourself.

2. Lift More

Your workout buddy doubles as a spotter. Trying to lift heavier weights? Your friend can watch out for you and provide assistance.

3. Try New Classes

Want to explore the new pilates class but afraid to go in solo? Go with your buddy and feel awkward together.

4. Do Dynamic Exercises

See all those workout buddy Instagram videos where two girls throw a medicine ball back and forth? Now you can try it with your friend for a more dynamic workout experience.

5. Complaining Buddy

If you’re sore the next day, at least you have company! Complain, then plan your next gym visit.