Best Beginner Longboards for First-Time Skaters

Skating is one of those board sports where you feel infinite cruising down a buttery highway. If you have a board that’s perfect for you, paired with good wheels, then rest assured, your ride will be smooth sailing. If you’re trying out skating for the first time, make sure to also get a helmet for safety measures. Another tip is to have an experienced skater friend with you to show you a few beginner tricks.

Da Silva Boards

If you’re into dancing or doing cross steps on a board, then Da Silva’s customized boards are perfect for you. They’re hand-cut, shaped and painted in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Loaded Longboards

Loaded’s longboards are incredibly versatile. They have longboards for cruising, dancing, and even for bombing hills. We highly suggest getting a Loaded Tesseract or even a Loaded Bhangra for doing multiple tricks.

Hamboard Longboards

Hamboard’s decks are reminiscent of a surfboard, so you’ll feel like you’re surfing on concrete. Their boards range from 8 to 14 feet, so it’s incredibly versatile for tricks and cruising. Feel like a surfer with this board that flows like the waves.

Penny Board

You’ve probably come across this board multiple times. A lot of people have them in school, where they’re cruising to their next lecture or even to the shop for a few snacks. The penny board is incredibly low-maintenance and you can carry it with you anywhere – even in your backpack. Making it the most portable and convenient board in the market today.