Best Exercises for Building Your Shoulder Muscles

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

Strong shoulders are crucial to an effective, overall strong body. They help reinforce your core, invigorate your arms, and keep your head firmly supported as well. But what are the most effective exercises for strengthening your shoulders?

Overhead Shoulder Press

Take a dumbbell or a weight in each hand and lift up above the head, hold for five seconds, and then gently lower the arms back to the standing rest position. Repeat five times. This will strengthen your shoulders along with the lower back and legs.

Butterfly Peck Raise

Standing with a weight in each hand, lift your arms up by your sides, keeping them straight. Repeat ten times for a set. This works out your shoulders in connection with the chest and abs.

Seated Shoulder Press

This is the same as the previous shoulder press, but this time you’ll be sitting down. Lift the dumbbell or weights up above your head, keeping your arms straight. The seated shoulder press works more exclusively on the shoulders since it doesn’t use the back so much.

Wide Press Up

An easy bodyweight exercise for the shoulders is the wide press up. This is like an ordinary press up, but set your hands wide apart so that they are past each shoulder. This will focus more on the shoulders, chest, and neck muscles.