Best Exercises for Rebuilding Hand Function

After suffering from cognitive diseases such as strokes or sustaining physical damage to the hands, it can be a difficult job retaining optimum function. The ease with which a patient can use their hands is often a good indicator of how well a patient is recovering. The most important thing that needs to be said is first and foremost: see a physiotherapist. They are best qualified to rebuild hand muscle and coordination. If you are seeing a physiotherapist or have only mild symptoms, here are some complementary exercises you can do to speed up your recovery.

Finger Reps

Stretch your hand out as flat as it will go and gently raise each finger starting with the first one and then lifting each one successively. You can do this in the air or by resting your hand on a table or the arm of a chair.

Finger Touches

Touch each finger with its parallel on the other hand. So for example, touch the pointing finger of your left hand with your pointing finger of the right hand. Then do the same with the middle finger, etc.

Wrist Wave

Gently stretch your hands out and move your wrist round in circles twice clockwise, then repeat anti-clockwise. Do This seven times in the morning and seven times in the evening.