Best Exercises For Rock Climbers

Rock climbing
Photo by Rahadiansyah on Unsplash

Rock climbing is a great and adventurous workout that’s perfect for people who are looking for new, fun ways to stay in shape. In case you love climbing and you want to work on your performance and body strength, here are some of the best off-the-wall exercises that every climber can do at home.

Triceps Dips

Boosting upper body strength and increasing the range of motion is extremely important for rock climbers, and triceps dips are the perfect move to help you achieve this. This is one of those simple exercises that you can do in your living room using just a chair.


Core strength is essential for rock climbing because it gives you the strength to hold and stabilize your body while climbing. Planking is the best core exercise that you should add to your workout routine in order to build core muscles.

Wrist Curls

Climbers need a lot of strength in the forearms so don’t forget to add to your routine exercises that will target these muscles. Wrist curls, for example, are an excellent move for targeting forearm muscles that you can easily do at home using a set of dumbbells.


Pull-ups are obviously one of the best exercises for rock climbers because they can help activate all of the muscles that we use while climbing.