Best Low Impact Workouts On YouTube

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

We don’t always have to do high-intensity exercises to get good results and stay in shape. These low impact workouts are great for burning calories and staying active, with minimum stress on our joints.

Full Body HIIT Workout

This is a low impact HIIT workout from MadFit that is great for engaging all major muscle groups like arms, thighs, and abs. The workout is also apartment-friendly because you won’t have to jump.

Low Impact Workout For Beginners

Body Project made this workout that’s perfect for beginners who want to sweat and burn calories, while skipping the hard part that includes burpees and jumping.

Cardio And Abs Workout

Heather Robertson will help you engage your abs and get your heart rate up with this low impact cardio workout. It includes 20 different bodyweight exercises like squats, bicycle crunches, and planks.

25-Minute Good Morning Workout

This is a great workout to move and engage your entire body with 25 different low-intensity exercises. It’s perfect for people who like working out in the morning because you can do it in only 25 minutes.