Best Methods for Treating Foot Blisters

Have you ever suddenly felt discomfort or pain during your runs and discovered foot blisters after slipping your shoes off? They are so easy to get, yet easy to prevent, and putting a little extra effort into footwear and preparation before a workout or run will help you out.

Shoe Selection

When it comes to picking the right shoes, there are a few things to pay attention to. The first one is to make sure your shoe fits properly. Second, make sure you have plenty of room in the front or toe box of your shoe. And the third, everyone’s foot lies differently, so award your foot and check your arch.

Socks Selection

Socks are as important as your shoes and they must lie perfectly on the foot. Don’t forget to pick out breathable socks. Make sure you’re wearing socks that cool down your feet when they heat up.

Remain Dry

Before putting your socks and shoes on, make sure your feet are completely dry. To prevent sweating use foot or baby powder before putting socks on and prevent blisters by keeping your foot dry.