Best Ways to Find Fitness Motivation on a Rainy Day

Photo by Jon Ly on Unsplash

One of the trickiest parts of training outdoors in fall is that it’s often raining outside. Most people struggle with motivation on gloomy and rainy days, but you can use these three tricks to find the will to stay committed to your fitness routine.

Work Out Indoors

If you still haven’t given home workouts a try, the rain will inspire you to finally do so. Now that training outdoors is off the table and you’re not feeling like doing anything because it’s raining outside, how about spending your time burning some calories at home?

Find Something Fun

Working out at home doesn’t necessarily mean doing 100 squats and planks every day. If traditional workouts aren’t doing it for you, use the time you have on your hands to discover fitness programs that you like better, such as dance cardio, Pilates, or yoga.

Rain Fitness Gear

If you prefer working out outdoors, you should look for ways to do it in the light rain. Putting on some water-resistant gear is a good place to start because you’ll be more inclined to go out this way. You can start by taking a walk and estimate the situation from there.