Best Ways to Stop the Wind from Ruining Your Cold Weather Runs

Running in the fall and winter can be a total nightmare because there are many obstacles you have to overcome to have an amazing run. Wind will be one of your biggest enemies and here’s how you can stop it from ruining your running sessions.

Try to Adjust

To avoid being too exposed to the wind, try to figure out which direction it’s coming from. Plan your run around it so you could spend most of the run going in the opposite direction.

Stay Relaxed

Most runners tend to tense up when it’s windy outside in an attempt to fight the wind. You’ll get tired much faster this way and that’s why you should try to stay as relaxed as possible.   

Shorter Runs

It’s best to avoid running in the wind for an extended period of time because you’ll get sweaty and cold really fast. You should focus on effort during your windy runs, and keep them short if they’re not doing you any good.

Choice of Clothes

When it comes to running in these conditions, always opt for a wind-blocking jacket and pants, that can keep you warm without overheating during your run.