Best YouTube Workouts to Burn Major Calories

Screenshot via Nobadaddiction/YouTube

If you’re looking to burn major calories in a short period of time, you can do that from the comfort of your home if you’re ready to work hard. These great YouTube workouts are really intense, but they’ll help you torch calories in only 30 minutes.

Burn 300 Calories in 30 Minutes

This awesome workout by POPSUGAR Fitness is designed to work every muscle in your body and help you burn up to 300 calories in only half an hour. It’s a mix of bodyweight and cardio exercises, so grab your yoga mat and a set of dumbbells and give it a try!

Burn 450 Calories in 30 Minutes HIIT Workout

This awesome HIIT workout by Sydney Cummings will help you burn 450 calories in only 30 minutes. It’s an intense full-body workout that’s great for torching fat, and the best part is that you need no equipment to do it.

Burn 400 Calories in 30 Minutes HIIT Workout

Grab your yoga mat and do this 30 minute HIIT workout to burn major calories. Exercises like squats, lunges, squat jumps, and planks will help you sweat and work different muscle groups at the same time.

Burn 500 Calories in 30 Minutes Cardio Workout

Follow along with Rachel Gulotta and do this intense cardio workout to get your heart rate up and burn up to 500 calories.