Blogilates Will Motivate You To Treat Your Body With Kindness

Cassey Ho, also known as Blogilates on social media, is an award-winning fitness instructor, author, and fashion designer from Los Angeles, California.

With over 660 million video views on her YouTube channel and over 4.5 million subscribers, Cassey is considered one of the top female fitness instructors in the world. With her videos, she has been motivating people to do their best for almost a decade.

“The magic all began when Cassey started breaking the rules”, reads her personal website. “Fusing pop music together with her classical pilates routines, the way Cassey melded the music to the mat was unlike anything the industry had seen before. Students began to crave her innovative choreography because it brought the fun back into working out! She decided to call it POP Pilates.”

With her Hot Body Year Round book, Cassey also became a best-selling author and has even manufactured her own performance activewear line called POPFLEX.

She shares her workout routines on her Instagram account, blog and YouTube channel, so if you got intrigued, scroll down and became a member of her community, AKA a POPster!

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A few years ago, I fell into the biggest fitness rut of my life. I actually hated working out because it had become such a job. I felt like I was constantly in this never ending cycle of writing workouts, filming workouts, editing workouts and teaching workouts. Then one of my friends suggested I give @classpass a try. She had recently lost a bunch of weight and looked really happy, and she said it was because she discovered CrossFit through @classpass. Guys, it’s been 3 years and I’m still a loyal customer of @classpass. I switch between dance, weight lifting, hot yoga, barre, circuit training, aerial yoga, pole dance and whatever my lil fitness heart desires! It’s one of my FAVORITE APPS because it brought joy back into working out for me. I literally feel like a kid in a candy shop when I open the app and get to pick my workout for the day! I looooooove taking new classes and having someone else kick my butt for a change! Seriously. Best part is…within the past couple years, I had the privilege of getting to know @payal the fearless female founder of this incredible company. She’s a total bawse who’s an innovator, a cool human, and someone I totally look up to. If you want to give #classpass a try, click on my link in bio for a 2 week free trial! And yes, this is a sponsored post but I would have told you this anyway because I love this app so much. #ad #blogilates

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