Bo+Tee Will Rock Your World with Their Colorful & Trendy Workout Sets

Bo+Tee is one of the leading activewear brands in the world right now and everyone from celebrities to your next-door neighbor can’t get enough of it. This brand is taking the world by storm with its vibrant workout sets, and here are some of the trendiest colors you’ll be seeing everywhere this summer.

Think Pink

Bo+Tee became an overnight sensation thanks to their signature pink workout sets, and this color will be going stronger than ever this summer.

Hot Pink

Bo+Tee’s signature sets come in baby pink, but if you prefer more daring and vibrant colors, their hot pink sets will be your cup of tea.

Orange Vibes

Activewear in orange and yellows shades is all the rage right now and Bo+Tee is one of the brands putting it on the map. If you want to look like a ray of sunshine during your workouts, these vibrant colors will get you there.

Peach Perfect

If you want to put a subtle twist on the orange trend, activewear in gentle peachy shades is an amazing, trendy alternative.

Baby Blue

Bo+Tee also has workout sets in many shades of blue in store, and you can pick between several amazing options if this happens to be your favorite color.