Brittne Babe is Instagram’s “Queen of Home Workouts”

Brittne Jackson, known as Brittne Babe, “Queen of Home Workouts” on Instagram, has 1.5 million followers who never miss her posts.

Jackson and her mom, Kimberly, moved from New Jersey to New York in order to work on their fitness brand. The ladies worked hard to make Brittne Babe stand out on social media and it worked.

They love being able to control every aspect of their life and their New York home serves as a prop for their photos. “It’s not so much about trying to be perfect or phony,” Brittne told Cosmopolitan. “I think it’s more so about things being visually appealing because that’s the point of social media.”

If you don’t already know about her Instagram, make sure to check it out and follow this amazing, hard-working girl.