Build a Balanced Workout Routine in 3 Short Steps

Photo by Cameron Venti on Unsplash

A perfectly balanced workout routine should consist of three different types of activity: cardio training, weight training, and flexibility training. If you think your own fitness regimen is lacking in certain departments, you can balance things out in three short steps.

Set Your Goals

Your goals will determine which type of activity should be the most dominant in your workout schedule. If you’re trying to simply maintain a healthy weight, cardio will get you there, but weight training is a much better option for people trying to improve their strength and endurance.

Skipping Activities

It’s natural that you’ll enjoy certain activities more than others, but it’s important to remember they all have their own benefits. Don’t avoid weight training because you’re too scared of getting bulky, or flexibility training because you find it boring since they’re all beneficial in their own way.

Switch Things Up

Each of these activities offers a great variety, so feel free to switch things up. If you don’t feel like incorporating yoga or Pilates into your workouts, you can do flexibility training by stretching. If cardio training simply isn’t your thing, you can still walk and dance every day. Just think of the broader definition of these activities, and you’ll realize you’re probably doing them already.