Bungee Fitness is the Latest Workout Craze You Should Know About

If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if you could do bungee jumping at your gym, TikTok’s latest workout craze is just the thing you need. Bungee fitness classes are taking the world by storm, and they’re just as epic as they sound.

Gym goers attending these classes are usually strapped into harnesses and fixed to the ceiling of a fitness studio with a bungee cord. This adjustment makes exercises more demanding as the cord provides both resistance and assistance, challenging your muscles as you go along.

In addition to making the exercises more dynamic, the bungee cord will support your joints as you bounce and glide through the air. If you’re dealing with joint pain or recovering from injury, this routine will get you on the right track and help you improve your mobility, in addition to burning calories and toning muscles.

Bungee fitness classes have been around for quite some time, but like many fitness trends these days, they owe their recent rise in popularity to TikTok. Videos under the hashtag bungee fitness have been seen over 70 million times, and fitness studios such as Lifted Bungee and Sling Bungee are putting them on the map.


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