Burn Some Major Calories While Working Out to Winter’s Biggest Hits

There’s no better way to get pumped up for your workout than adding some amazing music to your playlist. Some of the top-charting songs of the winter are a great place to start, and you don’t even have to plan the entire routine on your own as long as you follow the MadFit YouTube channel.

Justin Bieber – “Yummy”

“Yummy” may not seem like the most obvious addition to your workout playlist, but this video proves you can get an amazing ab workout while listening to Justin Bieber’s latest single.

Dua Lipa – “Don’t Start Now”

“Don’t Start Now” is one of the best workout songs that took over the radio waves this winter, and its fast catchy beat will inspire you to have an epic sweat session.

Harry Styles – “Adore You”

“Adore You” may not be one of the first songs that pops into your mind when putting together your workout playlist, but Maddie Lymburner convinced us it’s a perfect pick.

The Weeknd – “Blinding Lights”

Getting an epic full-body workout without any equipment whatsoever while listening to The Weeknd? Sign us up!