Caffeine Can Affect Stress and Your Health

If you need coffee to wake up in the morning, chances are you’re addicted to caffeine. It may not be as harmful as other drugs, but there’s no doubt that caffeine is addictive and you crave it the more you consume it.

Caffeine affects the hormones in your body, including cortisol, the “stress hormone.” This is not as prominent with moderate consumption, but high amounts of caffeine can lead to negative health effects that come from stress.

Moderate amounts of caffeine can be good for you and help you deal with everyday tasks, but higher consumption can mess with your hormones, your sleep, and your overall mood, making it more difficult for you to finish your tasks which can also stress you out. 

Can’t go without caffeine and your morning cup of coffee? That’s okay. It’s best to allow yourself a cup or two of coffee per day and watch for other caffeine sources such as tea and chocolate.