Calisthenics You Can Do From Home

Photo by Piero Nigro on Unsplash

Calisthenics are all the rage right now, from planks to handstands to all the other gravity-defying moves these pros can come up with. This form of exercise is a method of strength training that relies mostly on body weight. The lack of equipment needed to practice these moves make it the perfect exercise to start at home to build strength! Don’t let the moves fool you though—they are way harder than they look! Here are the best calisthenics exercises you can do from home.


The key to any good calisthenics move is core strength, and you can build this up through different variations of planks. If you’re a beginner, you can stick to a basic plank and work your way up to more complicated movements.


Another important piece of strength training for calisthenics is the muscle groups activated through push-ups. There are many variations of pushups you can do to strengthen different muscle groups, so you should try them all out. 

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers might not be exactly what you think of when you picture calisthenics, but they are! In fact, they’re a great exercise for so many different muscle groups—abs, core, shoulders, etc. These are sure to have your whole body burning in the best way!