Can Bagels Be Healthy?

Warm, toasted bagels are a breakfast and brunch staple, but if you’re on a diet or watching your carbs they may be “off-limits.” But, bagels can actually be part of a healthy diet as they’re rich in carbohydrates which help give you energy for workouts and recovery. They’re also full of proteins and fibers which can keep you fuller longer, especially if you opt for whole wheat.

What to Look For in a Bagel

Go for a bagel made from whole wheat flour instead of white, refined flour because it will add more fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Toppings like seeds and nuts will add nutrient density and fiber.

Should You Scoop Your Bagel?

Many people choose to scoop their bagels to get rid of the amount of carbs, but it also takes away the point of having a bagel and it’s a huge waste of food. If you want to reduce the carbs, just eat half the bagel and save the other half for later or eat toasted bread or oatmeal for a lighter option.

Healthy Toppings

Bagel toppings can add nutrients while making the bagel more satisfying. It’s okay to occasionally have butter or cream cheese on your bagel and if you’re looking to add protein and to make the bagel more filling try adding tuna, smoked salmon, or eggs with veggies or avocados.