Can Black Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Black tea contains theaflavins, a group of polyphenols that are uniquely found in this beverage. They are believed to boost metabolism and help the weight loss process, much like the polyphenols in green tea. But how true is this?

One research study showed that, according to experiments done on animals, black tea can change the gut flora and, over time, lead to weight loss. This is thanks to theaflavins that can’t be absorbed in the small intestine and work like prebiotics, changing the metabolism in the liver and speeding up the weight loss process.

One cup of black tea can give you 30-80mg of caffeine, while it only takes 50mg of caffeine to instantly increase metabolism. It’s best to drink one cup of black tea in the morning, instead of coffee, and another cup or two throughout the day.

Of course, black tea can only slightly help you lose weight and that’s only if you’re already eating right and staying active as much as you can.