Carrie Underwood Opens Up About Her Post-Baby Fitness Journey

Carrie Underwood’s love for fitness knows no bounds, but that doesn’t mean all of her gym sessions are completely effortless. The famous singer recently opened up about her post-baby routine and admitted she really struggled to get back on track.

Underwood welcomed her second son Jacob back in January and admitted “it takes a while to feel like yourself again” while chatting with Good Morning America.

“I get frustrated because I have high expectations for myself. And after having my second child, going into the gym when I got the clear from my doctor, doing a push-up was way harder than it was not too long ago,” said Carrie Underwood.

This wasn’t the first time that country superstar opened up about her struggles to bounce back after giving birth. Back in March, she posted a lengthy post on Instagram, describing her post-baby routine.

Despite many obstacles along the way, Underwood made a promise to herself to “stop analyzing every angle and every curve and every pound and every meal” and focus on her journey instead.