Cassey Ho Welcomes Summer With Blogilates 200 Ab Challenge

Summer is the season of amazing workout challenges, and many of our favorite fitness influencers shared their own in the past few weeks. Cassey Ho couldn’t wait to embrace this trend and she dropped Blogilates 200 Ab Challenge just in time for summer.

If you’ve been following Ho for quite some time, you already know that she started developing amazing workout challenges before they were cool. She took the world by storm with her 100 Ab Challenge back in 2018, and its follow-up is even more epic.

“100 reps of abs and 100 reps of heart-pumping cardio to give you a perfect mix of strength building and fat burning! This challenge will build your core strength with the ab exercises, and will also help you lean out with the cardio exercise,” explained Ho on Instagram.

She also pointed out that achieving a perfect six-pack is a different journey for every person. Even if you’re following her program every day, some people are more likely to achieve the goal because they naturally have lower body fat and higher metabolism.

As always, Ho shared a graphic including all the exercises in this challenge on her official website. You can also follow the challenge and track your progress via her app Body by Blogilates.